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About the Morningstar Investment Conference

Morningstar Investment Conference 2012
Mumbai, India

The Indian investor today finds himself faced with uncertainty, in the wake of rapidly-changing market dynamics, a host of regulatory changes and an ever-expanding and sometimes-puzzling canvass of investment avenues.

In such times, it becomes imperative for a financial planner to not just guide the investor through the maze of the investment world and keep him focused on the goal of long-term wealth creation, but also to seek out and arm oneself with enriching ideas to keep pace with an evolving industry.

Towards that aim, join us for the Morningstar Investment Conference 2012, a two-day event to be held in Mumbai on November 1–2.

Morningstar Investment Conference

The Morningstar Investment Conference, now in its second year in India, is a premier meeting of influential money managers, veteran brokers, Morningstar experts, institutional investors and financial advisors to prompt and facilitate insightful discussions that will help you serve your clients better.

At the conference, you can hear from and interact with some of the sharpest minds in the financial-services industry and learn how you can enhance your investment strategies and techniques to achieve greater success in today’s changing market environment.

About the Conference

Modeled after the Morningstar Investment Conference in the U.S., a premier event for more than 20 years, the conference will feature prominent speakers from academia, fund companies, financial-services firms and Morningstar who will address leading investment approaches in theory and practice.

What to Expect?

Attendees will hear insightful presentations and panel discussions on a wide variety of topics related to investment planning in the context of various products and asset classes as well as views on the economy and strategies to enhance the craft of financial planning.

Network with Peers

The forum provides an ideal platform to network with top financial professionals in India’s vibrant business capital, Mumbai. Attendees can also meet and speak with members of Morningstar’s team of analysts and experts.