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Growth of 10,000

Top Holdings

  Weight %Maturity DateAmountValue
India(Govt Of) 8.83%24.3811/25/20231.00Mil100.69 Mil
India(Govt Of) 8.6%23.9806/02/20281.00Mil99.04 Mil
India(Govt Of) 8.97%12.2912/05/20300.50Mil50.76 Mil
India(Govt Of) 8.08%11.6108/02/20220.50Mil47.95 Mil
India(Govt Of) 8.3%11.5212/31/20420.50Mil47.58 Mil
 % Assets in Top 5 Holdings83.80 
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Top Sectors

 FundBenchmark Cat Avg  Fund Cat Avg
Government83.80  85.59 
Cash & Equivalents16.20  14.35
Corporate0.00  0.06
Securitized0.00  0.00
Municipal0.00  0.00
Portfolio Date: 08/31/2014

Asset Allocation

Cash 16.20%
Stock 0.00%
Bond 83.80%
Other 0.00%
As of 08/31/2014

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Avg Eff Duration— Yrs
Avg Eff Maturity11.74 Yrs
Avg Credit QualityAAA
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