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Here are the top 10 articles from of interest to our readers over the past month.
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1) Impact of demonetization on residential real estate

The impact is instantly visible on the residential sector which has been experiencing excruciatingly slow growth in recent times.

2) 5 good large-cap funds

Here's what our analysts looked at this year when assigning ratings for large-cap funds.

3) 3 habits stopping you from becoming rich

People don't become wealthy by accident. You must have the right mindset and habits.

4) Should you invest in PPF or NSC?

Both may appear similar, but there is a vast difference.

5) How to calculate your SIP

The SIP calculator helps determine the returns from a given fund when investments are made systematically. It is extremely simple and effective to use.

6) 3 mutual fund resolutions for 2017

They are actually rather simple but if implemented will go a long way in attaining financial wealth.

7) 4 good mid- and small-cap funds

Our analysts come up with four recommendations for those looking to invest in mid- and small-cap funds.

8) Should you invest in PPF or ELSS?

Comparing one to the other is not completely fair, given the fact that both are completely different products and target different needs in a portfolio.

9) 3 new year moves to make you rich

You don't need to get ultra-frugal. You just need to make a few smart moves.

10) 3 questions that make you a smart fund investor

Answering these after doing your research will make you an astute equity fund investor.

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