All you need to know about ELSS

The complete guide to tax saving mutual funds with select fund analysis.
By Morningstar Analysts |  03-02-17 | 

Most individuals have to create wealth. Only a privileged few inherit it.

So how do you accomplish that?

You begin by saving a substantial portion of your income. Then, by availing of deductions, you pay less tax and save some more. The third step is to channelise these savings into wealth creation avenues.

The Equity Linked Savings Scheme, or ELSS, combines the dual role of tax saving and wealth creation (being an equity instrument).

We bring you The Complete ELSS Guide. It covers all issues relating to tax-saving funds, such as:

  • Why you must consider tax-saving investments
  • What is ELSS?
  • What you must know about ELSS
  • How to pick a good ELSS
  • How ELSS stacks up against other tax-saving investments
  • Fund analysis of select ELSS

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Check out The Complete ELSS Guide.

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