India will have 1,186 millionaires by 2024
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India currently has 759 millionaires which is projected to grow by 56% to reach 1,186 in 2024, shows Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2019. United States has the highest number of millionaires at 18,614 which is expected to reach 22,930 in 2024. China, Japan and UK trail at 4,447, 3,025 and 2,460 respectively.
Retail debt folios see a massive drop
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Spooked by the recent credit events in fixed income market, retail investors seem to have exited credit risk funds in hordes. Retail folios in debt funds (excluding gilt and liquid) fell by as much as 57.85 lakh in the last one year. During the same period, retail folios in liquid funds witnessed a jump of 4.89 lakh, indicating a flight to safety.
Why advisers should operate as financial coaches
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Between social media, financial news outlets, stock apps, and word of mouth, today's investors have no lack of information. In this environment, financial advisers can no longer view access to data or investment options as the biggest service they provide, as investors are now craving holistic advice that will effectively help them achieve their personal goals.
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Talk politics to your clients
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Clients have choices. There are lots of other advisers with similar technical skills as you. There are even more advisers who claim to have the same technical skills and prospective client can't tell the difference.
How this adviser clocked 1,533 SIPs in a single day
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Dhiraj Aggarwal of Taxpoint Consulting planted 700 saplings in Delhi for investors who signed up for SIP.
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