Practice Management
What benchmarks do you use for success?
SIP Champions
Allyson Lewis, time management expert and best-selling author of four books says that faulty comparisons can lead us to use the wrong benchmarks in life. Read More
Convert experiences to learning with a debriefing process
SIP Champions
Without asking what went wrong and how that affected the outcome, we miss the opportunity to systematically get better. Read More
Success Story
'Advisers should invest in business to build scale'
Retail Practice
A newcomer in Mumbai, Tarun Birani has come a long way. With more than a decade of experience in advisory, he today manages 150 crore across products. Read More
Only 9% of advised investors redeemed during volatile times
Retail Practice
Karvy data shows that IFAs have the highest value of investors who have redeemed only after a five-year holding period. Read More
Industry News
SEBI proposes new norms for MF distributors
Retail Practice
SEBI has proposed that MF distributors can only describe product features without offering any investment advice. Read More
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