Adviser Success Stories
'Skeptics had written us off, today we advise Rs.10,000 crore AUA'
Soumya Rajan
Soumya Rajan started Waterfield Advisors, a boutique practice which caters to UHNWIs in 2011, after quitting her job at Standard Chartered Bank. Here's what she has to say to aspiring women IFAs. Read More.
Sangeeta Jhaveri's journey to Rs.600 crore MF AUM
Sangeeta Jhaveri
Read the inspiring story of Sangeeta Jhaveri of Prescient Financial Solutions who started her practice in 2000 and today manages over Rs. 600 crore AUM. Read More.
'More women will become financial advisers in the coming years'
Mimi Partha
Mimi Partha Sarathy of Sinhasi Consultants dons many hats. She talks to Morningstar about what helped her succeed as an adviser and how yoga brings discipline in her practice. Read More.
Women fund managers consistent in delivering returns
Mimi Partha
Out of the total assets managed by women fund managers, 80% of the AUM outperformed the benchmark average over 1-year basis, 71% over 3-year basis and 72% over 5-year basis. Read More.
Practice Management
A powerful tool to build your business
Powerful Tool
IFAs today have a plethora of software to automate their processes and offer online transactions to clients but there was no software which could help advisers while prospecting. Keeping this in mind, Morningstar launched Adviser Workstation (AWS), a powerful tool which helps advisers make a case for investing in mutual funds and do much more. Read more.
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