A definitive guide for advisers to grow their practice

India Markets Observer 2018 covers wide-ranging topics which aim to empower advisers.
By Morningstar |  12-02-18 | 

Our annual publication ‘India Markets Observers 2018’ is back! The power-packed content is aimed at helping advisers as well as investors navigate new challenges effectively.

The two sections - Investing Insights and Advisory Insights, have experts in the industry share their views on how to play it smart and not let disruptive behaviour patterns ruin your wealth creation plan.

Dealing with sudden money, enhancing client engagement, strategies to navigate money situations and attracting referrals are some of the insightful topics featured in this issue for advisers.

Besides, investors can look forward to topics like behavioural finance, avoiding investing mistakes, overcoming choice overload, retirement planning and more.

The Fund Research section has updated analysis of a dozen funds, with a synopsis of the Analyst Ratings, and an explanatory note on the Star Rating and Analyst Rating. Used together, or separately, we think these ratings can improve outcomes and help investors achieve their goals, which is entirely in keeping with our mission as a firm.

So do not miss out on grabbing your copy of this authoritative guide in wealth management.

We shall keep you posted.

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Arvind Singh
Feb 14 2018 05:38 PM
What effect Alfa & bita
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