Keep your eyes on valuations: Nilesh Shah

By Morningstar |  21-08-19 | 

At the 2013 Morningstar Investment Conference, Nilesh Shah delivered the keynote address in his signature style.

He spoke of random facts which seemed perplexing but used it to present a frame of reference. For instance, he spoke of The Louvre as one of the most visited attractions in France. Why did this museum feature in a presentation on India’s macro-economic scenario? Because Shah used it to deftly draw the audience’s attention to India’s position in the competitive global travel industry. The Louvre attracted more visitors than the whole of India in FY13. China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea and Indonesia each attracted more tourists than India in the period from 1995 to 2011.

In a recent interview with ET Now, Shah advised investors to keep their eyes on valuations and not where the market will head in the short term. As for debt funds, he believes that the worst is behind us.

He also spoke about the rate cuts by the central bank. It is the direction of rate movement which must be considered. Coupled with the assurance on liquidity and transmission of liquidity which can create permanent credit.

Nilesh Shah, MD at Kotak Mutual Fund, will be engaged in a discussion with Sanjoy Bhattacharyya of Fortuna Capital at the 9th Morningstar Investment Conference.

The chief guest is Marc Faber.

Do join us for the 9th Morningstar Investment Conference on September 17-18, at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai.


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