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What GoT taught us about perspective

Reality is subjective, and based on our perspective. Your perception is your reality. When it comes to morality or ethics or money, all of us have deeply held views. And this impacts how we perceive reality.


3 lessons from the First Lady of Wall Street

Muriel Siebert was a research analyst in the U.S., at a time when women were a virtual non-entity on Wall Street. In 1967, there were 1,375 men on Wall Street and herself. The media dubbed the First Lady of Wall Street a total badass.


What is yield?

What is yield in the case of stocks and bonds? And how does it differ from coupon rate?


How to file tax for a deceased individual

The income tax return needs to be filed for the income earned by during a financial year. Even if the person in question is deceased, someone has to file the ITR on his/her behalf.


3 ways to be a supremely confident investor

Peter Cundill once bought $500 worth of a speculative mining stock and in less than 48 hours lost it all. His worst investment experience, and one he never forgot. Eventually, he developed his own investing style that followed a deep value strategy and popularized the concept of “buying a dollar for 40 cents”.


What’s causing the real estate slump?

Sentiments among real estate sector’s stakeholders have only worsened in the second quarter, reveals a survey. Stakeholders have downgraded the outlook for the ongoing six months to ‘pessimistic’ in the Real Estate Sentiment Index Q2 2019


The secret to Buffett's wealth creation

Warren Buffett is a great believer in compounding. Hence statements such as "about 99% of Buffett's wealth was earned after his 52th birthday", can be utterly  misleading.


The lost art of delayed gratification

Delayed gratification is worth discussing in an age where instant gratification is the norm, not the exception. And no, I am not just throwing cute metaphors at you. Delayed gratification feeds into the ability to manage your finances in numerous ways.


Is Tata Motors a good investment?

 The company's narrow economic moat rating is driven by the strength and global recognition of its JLR brands. Brand strength enables premium pricing that results in solid margins and healthy economic profits.


Why this investor doesn't care for dividend paying stocks

If the dividend payment is zero, then that is real money without any leakage. So it’s of more value to shareholders than company paying out tax. When looking at earnings numbers of a dividend paying company, I would explicitly reduce DDT from the EPS to value the company.


7 equity investing principles

Aggressive savings, prudent investing, and avoidance of debt are the keys to get you on the wealth creation path. Over here, he articulates his thoughts on investing.


9 multi-cap funds to consider

Multi-cap funds have the latitude to invest across the market-cap spectrum; be it large, mid or small cap stocks. They can be opportunistic and aggressive, or emphasize on preserving capital and delivering positive absolute returns in a variety of market environments.


Your enemy in investing

You’re driving in a new city. You pass an equal number of red and blue cars, but most of the blue cars are spotted at the end of your journey. Studies suggest you’re more likely to think there are more blue cars than red cars on the road. Read more.

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