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10 reasons why the sector is in a slump

Stakeholders downgraded the outlook for the ongoing six months to ‘pessimistic’ in the Real Estate Sentiment Index Q2 2019. Unsold inventory stands at 42 months.


7 equity investing principles

This certified financial planner is a keen equity investor. Over here, articulates his strategy with plenty of examples. Here are his investing principles, and how he draws a balance between buy-and-hold and buy-and-ignore.


Aim to get wealthy, not rich

Wealthy is having more money than you needed to do all the things you wanted to do. It is not a number so much as a psychological feeling: you aren’t worried about running out of money because you have more than enough, even if it might be less than someone who was worried about going broke. Rich is a number and does not equate to being financially secure.


Why the Recency Bias is your enemy

When it comes to investing, this can have disastrous consequences. Because it skews our view of reality and the future. Any investor can fall prey to it. Any – irrespective of age, gender, nationality or race. Don’t fret. Half the battle is won if you recognise that it exists.


4 investing lessons from the Yes Bank debacle

Yes Bank investors are a bruised lot. Yet, if we looked closely, red flags were evident all along. Granted, in hindsight, all of us are smart. So let us just look at the valuable lessons we can all learn from this saga.


5 ways to help you start saving for retirement

If you have not started saving for retirement, start NOW. If somehow, you just cannot wrap your mind around it, Morningstar’s experts share suggestions on how to get started.


Smart shortcuts for the good-enough investor

Time is limited and information overwhelming. Mental shortcuts and rules of thumb can help in life--and investing. They get the job done. They work. Here’s how to be smart about it.


4 distinct traits of value investing

Bill Nygren has the intestinal fortitude to hold on to his investing principles, even if the market is ruthlessly penalizing him for doing. He shares various insights, such as the importance of considering intangibles when valuing businesses today, and why one must avoid picking a favourite metric and doing all the work based on that metric.


The best equity funds managers

The ranking by ET Wealth and Morningstar India is not based on the returns alone. The aggregate returns were adjusted for risk to evaluate how much risk was taken by the managers to generate the returns.


4 mistakes that can hurt your retirement planning

It is human nature to care more about immediate issues than something that feels far away, like retirement. By the time people get around to caring about retirement, they have already wasted precious time. Retirement takes planning. You must never forget that. If you are not consciously saving for it, you could find yourself in a very hot soup later.

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