10 picks of November 2019

By Morningstar |  29-11-19 | 

These posts are a mix of the most read articles on Morningstar.in in the month of November, and the ones published during this month that deserve a read.


Portfolio: 3 'nevers' in portfolio construction

Should a portfolio have a global asset allocation? Shankar Sharma makes an excellent case on why it must. Smart bottom-up stock picking is great party talk, but just one component of asset allocation. And within asset allocation, don’t bet only on India.

Behavioural Finance: Why the recency bias is your enemy

You are your own worst enemy when it comes to investing. This is one of the most dangerous traits an investor can fall prey to. Here’s what it is with interesting analogies.

Equity: Insights into Hiren Ved’s stock picking strategy

The real results of investing are only visible in the very long term. In the short-term, there are cycles. Maybe the cycles are getting shorter, but nothing can be achieved in a very short period of time. A lot of these great successes that have been built in a very short period of time die out very quickly.

Equity: 7 equity investing principles

Here some practical pointers to keep in mind. This stock investor has built a portfolio over the years and often shares his views on Social Media. Here is a look at this stock investing strategy and the stocks he narrows down on.


Insurance: Why a cashless claim may require you to pay

Most policyholders assume that they are not liable to pay anything against a medical treatment if they are pre-authorized for cashless treatment. That’s not always the case. The insurance company can make a few deductions and for valid reasons.

Mutual Funds: 5 pitfalls to avoid when selecting funds

When investors assemble lineups for their portfolio, they must be cognizant of potential pitfalls that could trip them up down the road. Setting up things in a way that minimizes behavioural errors as well as exogenous investment risks can be just as important as, say, picking the right funds.

Retirement: 4 wrong retirement planning assumptions

The entire retirement planning exercise is based on a number of assumptions. Here are some common ones that you should be extremely clear about.

Equity: 7 rules for smart dividend investing

High dividend yield stocks have an undisputed lure. Years ago, Morningstar came out with a few guidelines that one must follow. They have been adapted to the Indian context.


Equity: The Art of Waiting in stock investing

Investing is one of those rare human endeavors where constant monitoring and effort doesn't necessarily pay off anyway. You’ve got to have a hands-off approach to some extent. Here are 3 stocks that have rewarded the investors who hung on.

Equity: A quick note for mid-cap investors

An investor or money manager must have a solid framework in place to evaluate mid-cap stocks to invest in. Equally important is that the framework must help eliminate value destroyers.

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