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5 things India must do to become a $5 trillion economy

If you look at the last 5 years of India's economy, on an average, India has grown at about 7.5%. Growth in recent times has dipped. But whether it's cyclical or structural is the question. Amitabh Kant, the CEO of NITI Aayog, shares his views.


Unpopular opinion: You may not need a PPF account

The Public Provident Fund is a great product. But that does not imply that it is a natural fit in any portfolio. Does it find a strategic place in your portfolio? Does it fit in with your financial plan? Maybe it does. Maybe it does not.


10 reasons why the Real Estate sector is in a slump

Sentiments among real estate sector’s stakeholders have only worsened. What ails the Indian housing sector? A look at what is keeping investors at bay.


This young IFA aspires to build another NJ India

This 2-year-old start up now caters to more than 7,500 clients and is managed by a team of 10.


7 equity investing principles

The path to wealth begins with aggressive savings, prudent investing, and avoidance of debt. But one cannot build a substantial corpus if you don’t invest smartly. Here are some guidelines from this seasoned investor.


6 Gold-rated funds of 2019

These 6 equity funds were given Gold ratings by Morningstar’s fund analysts over the past year.


7 stock investing lessons from Ramesh Damani

Bear markets can be long and painful and can take away a lot of our wealth that we've created so assiduously during a bull market. That is a reality every equity investor must live with.


Investing for retirement when you have never touched equities

There are ways in which you can tackle your goals. One is the time frame. Another could be one-time expenditures or one that stretches across time. And then there is urgency; is it a need or a want?


Aim to get wealthy, not rich

It’s better to be wealthy than rich, even if you’re poor. Read this article for a different perspective.


6 tax-saving mistakes

Don’t ever ignore the opportunity to (legally) save on taxes just because it is cumbersome. The less tax you pay, the more disposable income in your hands to either spend or invest. But that is no excuse to goof up. Here are a few errors individuals inadvertently commit when it comes to their tax-saving strategy.

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