Downturn, Pandemic, and Your Money

By Morningstar |  16-04-20 | 

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown is rattling markets across the globe.

With all the headlines and confusion, we want to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

To help you navigate through these times, we have curated the relevant content. Do have a look.

Is it the right time to invest in small-cap funds?

April 15: This seems to be on the mind of many investors. Go for small caps only if you can bear higher volatility and have an investment horizon of 7-10 years.

Want to sell? Read this first

April 12: Asking a few questions can put a tremendous amount of sanity in our decision making.

How moving to cash will hurt your portfolio

April 10: Knee-jerk reactions to a volatile market can do more harm than perceived good.

The best and worst performing funds in the recent bear market

April 8: The correction has been swift and unrelenting across the board, with stocks across sectors and market capitalizations witnessing a sharp drop in prices.

5 things an equity investor must remember

April 7: With the  help of graphs and data, here are some principles of equity investing that you must remember, no matter how volatile the market.

Dos and Don’ts in this market

April 6: The right response to market downdrafts depends on you, your life stage, and your financial priorities.

Why timing the market is futile

April 3: The graph is never linear and constantly punctuated by turbulence and dips.

You must ask yourself this question

April 2: Follow the principle of regret minimization and ask yourself the relevant question.

4 learnings the pandemic enforced

April 1: Nothing new in these learnings, just that they have been vigorously reinforced and not undermined.

Is it really time to buy?

March 28: Here are some relevant questions that we are grappling with.

The market rallied. So what?

March 27: Stay grounded. And have a plan in place. You need to play the market, not the other way round.

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