Have you considered investing in an industrial plot?

By Morningstar |  28-04-20 | 

If you are looking at investing in real estate, here is something you can consider: an investment in an industrial plots.

Industrial plots are massive plots of land providing space to varied type of industries and offices under one area. For example, it could be used for warehousing, factory units, refrigeration and cold storage.

The owner of such plots could rent/lease it out to an industry or business. Worth noting is that the yield is higher than that on residential real estate. This will not only help provide an extra source of income and a regular cash flow, but will also act as a future asset that will appreciate in value over time.

Tejpreet Singh Gill, Executive Director, Gillco Group, lists out features that are being taken care of by developers of such real estate.


An industrial plot is designed by the developer for sole purpose of advancing businesses and industries into a better and modified system of transactions and dealings, providing them exposure to a greater market, easing their procurement of raw materials. An ideal location will be equipped with ramps, parking lots, elevators and transportation facilities for easy movement of goods and workers around the entire campus.


A plot’s value is determinant by the location, end users always consider this as the primary aspect for investing. Their interest towards the property is highly influenced due to it. The value increase if it is located centrally in the city or at a location, with easy and accessible connectivity of public and private transport, which makes it an attractive avenue for investors, end-buyers and incorporations.

Readily available working force

Every industry/business depends highly on its human capital. An industrial plot is worth investing when it holds the potential to attract all kinds of working force- skilled or unskilled. As there is abundant requirement for both the types in all type of industries to sustain and expand.

Variety of raw material

Each business, industry located in an industrial plot is exposed to a varied range of businesses in different sizes and features. This opens channels to new sources of  raw materials and alternative supply chain arrangements. You also get a fair and wide comparing ground when you are in vicinity of so many industry players, and a fair idea about the working of different sectors.

Perfect location for business collaborations and expansions

The industrial plot fosters opportunities such as client acquisitions and varied business opportunities. It serves as a welcoming ground for different types of industries to come together under one location, utilize the same resources, work under same property guidelines.

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