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#1. Why early retirement is a wrong goal

The FIRE movement has truly gained traction. An acronym for Financial Independence, Retire Early. It is incorrect to view financial independence as a pendulum swinging between two extremes - either you are, or not. View it as continuum. View it as a scalable project. With every single decision and every single paycheque, you are moving closer to financial freedom.

#2. 4 pillars of investing

Build your entire financial plan using this as a foundation. Of course, the failure modes of individual investors are as varied as their personalities. Introspect to find yours. But this is a super guide.

#3. 4 things newbie investors must note

Embarking on the journey to financial independence is exciting and intimidating. But you don’t have to be a wizard at finance to get started. Here are four principles upon which you can build a strong foundation.

#4. 2 HDFC funds downgraded

HDFC Equity and HDFC Top 100 had a good run until the first half of 2019. But both funds have now been downgraded from Gold to Silver.

#5. Tobacco major ITC gets a Medium Risk for ESG

Sustainalytics, a global leader in ESG and Corporate Governance research and ratings, looks at the businesses of ITC and presents its findings. In these 3 slides, we get a glimpse as to the research that has gone into assigning a tobacco firm with this rating.

#6. A look at 7 large-cap funds

These funds form the basis of a portfolio. Here is a look at the ones our analysts have rated.

#7. 7 rules to be a successful investor

Quality has many dimensions. Are you buying earnings or assets? Are you investing on sentiment or fundamentals? Here is some brilliant advice that all equity investors can benefit from.

#8. Stamp duty on fund purchases

Stamp Duty at a rate of 0.005% was imposed on mutual fund transactions from July 1, 2020. A quick look at what you need to know.

# 9. Post-Covid opportunities in India

Two asset managers, managing Indian portfolios from abroad, present a few Indian stocks they are betting on.

#10. Which stocks missed the last rally?

Out of the 1,596 listed stocks from A and B groups, only 81 showed negative returns. Here is a list of those stocks.

#11. 5 global stocks you can invest in

PPFAS Long Term Equity Fund invests a portion of its assets in global stocks. This is what they hold currently. And Morningstar’s view on those stocks.

#12. Why an investor must be courageous

Buying when others are despondently selling and selling when others are avidly buying requires the greatest of fortitude and pays the greatest ultimate reward.

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