Gold and Equity get the most page views

By Morningstar |  16-09-20 | 

We looked at the most read articles on the website over the past fortnight. As the headline indicates, it was equity and gold that grabbed the most attention.

Here are the 5 most read articles over September 1 – 15, 2020.

The psychology of investing in gold

There are layered nuances that go into its timeless allure and mankind’s love affair with it over millennia. The perception of an investor when he or she buys gold could be radically different from the frame of mind when other investments are considered. If you are considering an investment in gold, here is what must be your frame of reference.

What gold is NOT

Gold is not a currency. You can’t buy your fish and chips with a lump of gold, and a lot of pretty extreme things would need to play out for people to abandon their own currency and use gold instead. It’s a low probability game. Many view gold as a investment. Fair enough, but just make sure you are aware of the cliches surrounding it too.

7 rules to be a successful investor

Make your decision to buy when you are thinking clearly and your judgment is not being affected by the events at hand. Having done that, maintain a discipline of purchasing stocks that you believe to be a bargain. Here is a checklist you can keep handy.

3-step guide to understanding the P/E ratio

The price-to-earnings ratio, or P/E ratio, helps you compare the price of a company's stock to the earnings the company generates. The PE ratio tells you nothing about a company’s balance sheet. It may be that a company trading on a 2x PE multiple is actually incredibly expensive since the company has a very large amount of current debt that it has no way of paying. Here’s how to be smart about it.

15 highest paying dividend stocks

Investors love dividends. Who does not like money being credited periodically into the bank account? So it is little wonder that this article got so much traction.

We also urge you to read Get 4 facts straight about dividend investing and 7 rules of dividend investing

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