Bet on technologies of the future, not of the past

By Morningstar |  19-10-20 | 

Prominent economist and policy maker Lord Nicolas Stern, has often argued that climate change is arguably the greatest challenge for public policy, in the times we reside in. And this has tremendous repercussions on investing.

He has pointed to the fact that young investors are getting increasingly aware of the need to be responsible investors, in such a gnarly intertwined world. “Evidence is building, that investing responsibly, from the point of view of environment is actually to invest wisely. Because you are betting on the technologies of the future, not on the technologies of the past,” is how he expressed himself in a podcast this year.

At the Morningstar Investment Conference, Nicolas Stern will speak to us about a sustainable recovery from the pandemic that has unleashed havoc on every facet of the economy.

The pandemic and the climate crisis have underlined the fact that we are all in this together. No country is immune from major global threats. While this current scenario will eventually pass, it is in the coming months that recovery strategies are likely to be formulated and the path set. Mitigating the effects of climate change takes a multifaceted approach with economic policy playing a pivotal role.

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