How to invest in an uncertain market

By Morningstar |  26-10-20 | 

The pandemic has tipped the scales to a rare outright contraction in world GDP. The COVID-19 epidemic hit at a time of great economic vulnerability and could be the shock that drives a wobbly global economy into recession.

Ever since the lockdown was declared, markets went into a tailspin. After a calamitous crash and an astounding bounce back, there is a glaring disconnect between economies and stock markets.

The fear of COVID-19 is having a profound impact on consumer psychology, which in turn shall impact corporate profits. This forces companies to take extreme efforts to shore up their balance sheets by squeezing inventories, retrenching staff and slashing investment. This investment downcycle will lead to a recession that cannot be stopped by central bank stimulus.

Markets are turbulent. Interest rates have fallen. Anxiety is high. It is imperative that we protect our finances and safeguard our wealth, but also look for opportunities that are presented in such times.

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