Invesco launches global consumer trends fund of fund

By Morningstar |  03-12-20 | 

Invesco Mutual Fund has launched Invesco India - Invesco Global Consumer Trends Fund of Fund, an open-ended fund of fund scheme investing in Invesco Global Consumer Trends Fund.

The fund will invest 95% - 100% of its assets in shares of Invesco Global Consumer Trends Fund, a Luxembourg domiciled Invesco fund, which invests 70% - 100% of its assets in a global portfolio of equity securities of companies focused on discretionary consumer needs of individuals.

About Invesco Global Consumer Trends Fund:

▪ Track record of over 26 years with assets under management of over $ 2.76 bn or ~ Rs 20,416 crore as of October 2020.

▪  It aims to identify companies with high-quality earnings growth and potential for capital appreciation.

▪ The fund follows a  flexible approach with a focus on companies that are expected to profit from changing consumer discretionary trends – currently eCommerce, digital media consumption, demographic shifts towards experiences over material goods or towards healthier lifestyles, and other global consumer durable and non-durable goods cycles.

▪ The fund will follow a bottom-up, research-driven process.

The new fund offer opens for subscription on December 4 and closes on December 18, 2020.

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