Best companies to work for: We made the list

By Morningstar |  23-06-21 | 

Earlier this year, Morningstar India was certified as a Great Place to Work for the fifth year in a row.

We have now secured a spot in the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For 2021 as well as Best in Industry: Investment.

I am delighted and extremely proud of all my colleagues who made this happen.

Our business has always been investor-centric, and our mission has unequivocally been to “Empower Investor Success”. To achieve that, we believe in investing in our employees first. And I am proud to say that we provide an exceptional employee experience at Morningstar India.

We scored extremely well on the 5 parameters: Credibility, Respect, Camaraderie, Fairness and Pride. Through our “Invest in You” programmes, we provide a holistic experience on various fronts like work-life balance, learning and development, rewards and appreciation, and overall well-being.

And it is from this position and a sense of shared values and integrity that we can serve you best, which is our ultimate goal.

Methodology employed by The Great Place to Work Institute®

Great Place to Work Institute’s methodology is recognised as rigorous and objective and considered the gold standard for defining great workplaces across business, academia and government organisations.

All organisations that nominate themselves undergo an assessment. The first lens measures the quality of employee experience through their globally validated survey instrument known as Trust Index©. The survey helps in seeking anonymous feedback from employees and carries 2/3rd weightage. The second lens is called Culture Audit©, is a proprietary tool of the Institute that evaluates the quality of an organisation’s people practices, covering the entire employee life-cycle. This carries 1/3rd weightage.

The cumulative score of Trust Index© and Culture Audit© determines an organisation’s position in the ranking scoreboard and helps in identifying ‘India’s 100 Best Companies to Work For’. No individual or jury has a say in who makes it to the Top 100 list—only employee feedback and quality of people practice determine if an organisation is a great workplace.

Aditya Agarwal, Managing Director, Morningstar India.

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