Enhance your strategic planning with questions you ask clients
SIP Champions
There are some parallels between charting your clients' course and updating your own. Issues you address in your strategic plan bear similarities to the choices and decisions you coach clients through. Why not look for insights using some of the same questions you might ask them?
It's more important to motivate than to inform
Retail Practice
When there is a conversation you anticipate you will use frequently, rehearse. When you believe in the value of something it is easy to convince yourself you will be "good in the moment".
Financialization of savings trend to benefit the top 5 AMCs
Retail Practice
A Nirmal Bang report notes that the benefits will accrue to the top five players. This is because despite the industry having 44 players, five largest fund houses account for 58.3% of industry assets. HDFC, ICICI Prudential, SBI, Aditya Birla and Reliance collectively account for 58.3% of total market share.
How to advise extraverts
Retail Practice
Extraverts can be quite difficult for advisers to build close relationships with, because these clients are attempting to make their own decisions rather than relying on the advice and counsel of their advisers. Left unadvised, overconfident extraverts often trade too much, which can be a drag on investment performance.
3 IIT batchmates who disrupted the Indian MF distribution
Retail Practice
We caught up with Vijay Kuppa, Chief business officer and Chief Operations Officer of ORO Wealth, to understand how they are navigating the robo space.
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