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Morningstar's Take | 02/12/2016
by Kavitha Krishnan

The portfolio manager’s skilled execution is reflected in the fund’s long-term performance. Despite this, the relatively high expenses on the fund, the lack of an experienced analyst team, and the high levels of individual responsibilities on the investment team lead us to initiate coverage on this fund with a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Neutral.

Sudhir Agrawal has been managing this fund since October 2012, and we view his skill and experience in positive light.  Our concerns stem from the relatively higher levels of individual responsibilities on the three-member investment team.  Agrawal has been managing few of the largest fund offerings by the AMC while Ritesh Nambiar doubles as fund manager and head of credit research. Amandeep Singh Chopra heads the fixed-income team and  his leadership capabilities stand out, but there is a key-man risk associated with him. The analyst team, too, seems slightly shorthanded, consisting of a three-member team including an economist. The trio put together have an average experience of about five years.

The fund’s duration is typically maintained between one and four years. The manager’s focus lies in taking a combination of active-duration bets and investing in high-quality credits to generate alpha at the shorter end of the yield curve. Agrawal takes a tactical exposure in government securities with a view to take advantage of interest-rate movements and maintain liquidity levels in the portfolio. The focus is on risk avoidance as opposed to generating purely top-quartile performance. Despite this conservative approach, the fund delivered a consistent and impressive performance until 2014.

The fund remained a consistent top-quartile performer between 2011 and 2014. However, the longer term three-year returns have taken a beating owing to the relative performance slipping down to third quartile in 2015 and second quartile on an October 2016 year-to-date basis.

The fund’s expense ratios are significantly higher than the short-term bond Morningstar Category, with the fund being one of the most expensive in its category. Furthermore, the success of the strategy depends on the manager’s ability to invest in the right credits and rests heavily on Agrawal’s able shoulders.

Morningstar Analyst Rating™
Analyst Rating
Portfolio Role

The fund holds a higher allocation to corporate bonds; allocation, however, can change significantly.


We have a positive opinion on Sudhir Agrawal, but are wary of the levels of responsibility on him.


UTI has a strong backing from T.Rowe Price, but certain aspects could be improved in our opinion.


A well-defined process that translates into a consistent and stable portfolio.


A fund that has consistently delivered in the past, but has faced some headwinds in the short term.


The fund’s expense ratio is higher as compared with its category.

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