Sunday, March 26, 2017

Brian Shenson of Schwab Advisor Services on how advisers can leverage mobile technology to gain an edge.

5 tips to help advisers transform their business

Nilesh Shah, MD, Kotak MF shares four success mantras for advisers to grow their business.

Investor centricity is the key to success

Always wanted to establish a retail business? Here are eight ways to lay the foundation for building a robust retail practice.

8 tips to build a retail practice

Anthony Heredia, CEO, Baroda Pioneer MF on striking the right balance between advisory and execution model.

Execution versus Advice: Is there a middle path?

Suresh Sadagopan of Ladder7 Financial Advisories on why the financial services industry needs to act more ethically.

The elusive quality that brings the world to their feet

Ajit Dayal, founder of Quantum Advisors - sponsor of Quantum AMC, shares some tips for IFAs.

Focus on the customer, not on the customer's focus

Shyam Sunder of PeakAlpha Investment Services on why advisers should institutionalize their practice.

Benefits of institutionalizing your practice

It is very tempting for clients to be in the next best investment and one often regrets missing out on something, says Amit Trivedi.

What advisers can teach clients about market cycles

Srikanth Meenakshi and C.R. Chandrasekar have built one of the fastest growing fintech companies in MF advisory space.

The pioneers of robo-advisory in India

Here's how WhatsApp is bringing advisers closer, letting them share ideas and get inspired by each other.

How WhatsApp is helping advisers bond

Morningstar has launched Adviser Workstation, a powerful tool which helps advisers make a case for investing in mutual funds.

A powerful tool to build your business

Here's what Soumya Rajan of Waterfield Advisors has to say to aspiring women financial advisers.

'Skeptics had written us off, today we advise Rs. 10,000 crore AUA'

Sangeeta Jhaveri of Prescient Financial Solutions started her practice in 2000 and today advises Rs. 600 crore AUM.

Sangeeta Jhaveri's journey to Rs. 600 crore MF AUM

Bengaluru based adviser Srikanth Matrubai on how IFAs can fight competition by gaining client confidence.

Moat for financial advisers

Telling people how they will be better off working with you because of your special expertise will help you attract clients.

Provide proof to attract clients

Very few people wake up in the morning thinking "I think I will find a new financial advisor today."

Do you ask for referrals? Would you hire a plumber that randomly showed up at your door?

Referrals provided in response to your request for them will not generally give you the best ones.

Do an Instant X-Ray of your holdings new

Compare performance of your Mutual Funds new

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