Sunday, October 23, 2016

The schemes from SBI Mutual Fund have gained a lot of positive traction in the recent past.

A consistent performer led by an experienced stock-picker, backed by a stable process and an experienced team.

Though its name can be a bit misleading.

Our analyst explains why this fund gets a 'Silver' rating.

One gets a 'Neutral' rating, the other a 'Bronze'.

When we talk about investing in fixed income funds, BSL Mutual Fund is a name that stands out.

This fund had a bad run but went on to redeem itself.

Jeffrey Ptak, Head of global manager research, Morningstar, shares his insights.

Reliance Top 200 and Reliance Equity Opportunities have both been assigned a Silver rating by our analyst.

The analyst's confidence is restrained until further evidence that the strategy can be executed with the same proficiency as in the past.

The director of fund research on two recommendations.


Best Performing Funds

As on 2016-10-23

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