Tata Mutual Fund: Fund manager changes

By Morningstar Analysts |  17-04-17 | 

This month, Gopal Agrawal took over as the chief investment officer of equities at Tata Mutual Fund. As a result, there have been certain changes in the fund management team.

The following changes will take effect immediately with regards to the fund managers of certain funds:

  • Tata Balanced Fund (equity portfolio): Gopal Agrawal and Pradeep Gokhale (co-fund manager)
  • Tata Large Cap Fund: Pradeep Gokhale and Sonam Udasi (co-fund manager)
  • Tata Equity Opportunities Fund: Rupesh Patel, Pradeep Gokhale and Sonam Udasi (co-fund manager)
  • Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund: Gopal Agrawal and Danesh Mistry (assistant fund manager)
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