Morningstar® Model Portfolios

In the evolving investment landscape, attracting and retaining clients requires you to prove the value of your services and remain accountable for your investment advice. Morningstar® Model Portfolios give you access to the experience and expertise of the Morningstar group.

Our model portfolio solutions can help enhance your investment offerings, strengthen client relationships and streamline your business.


Independent Experts Working for You

Our broad expertise is the foundation of our model portfolio business, from risk profiling and investment selection to asset allocation and portfolio construction. Our solutions aim to offer peace of mind to you and your clients by combining independent research of analysts with portfolio construction informed by our pioneering asset-allocation research.

Reports and Materials Built to Support Your Business

Insightful and reliable service is a cornerstone of advisory relationships, and our communication material are put together to help you deliver just that. As we have no direct relationship with the end investor, our clear, informative reports are designed to give you professional insights you can use to strengthen client ties.

Portfolios Matched to Client Objectives

In the interest of client suitability, our portfolios address client preferences in risk tolerance and investment objectives with a range of model portfolios. Once clients complete a risk-tolerance questionnaire and provide you with details on their time horizon and other factors, our service matches their results to one of our model portfolios.

Working together to put your clients’ first

You know your clients’ needs and how to build plans to meet them. We combine our investment knowledge with portfolio construction experience to provide investing solutions that put your clients first. Our model portfolios are designed to be part of a long-term investing plan that helps meet your clients’ needs at each stage of their lifetime.

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