Tuesday, September 29, 2020

While an investment thesis is a must, each fund's position in your portfolio must be viewed in conjunction with the other holdings.

Have a clear investment thesis for each fund

An experienced manager and robust strategy make this fund a worthy option for investors.

Why we like this mid-cap fund

Investors must take a holistic view of risk. It cannot be viewed through a narrow lens anymore.

Risk is a mosaic, not a formula

Dhaval Kapadia on why diversification is necessary to mitigate risk in one's portfolio from market crashes.

A basic primer on asset allocation

Rajeev Thakkar, CIO of PPFAS Mutual Fund, talks about ESG, whether tech stocks are overvalued and covered call options.

7 questions for PPFAS

Investing is a zero-sum game. You think you're right. On the other side of that trade is someone who thinks that they are right, and you are wrong..

How to be a very smart contrarian

The tech-focused index has hit record highs. How are its biggest companies valued after recent volatility?

Are Nasdaq stocks really overvalued?

When we think about risk in terms of achieving a goal, we can reframe the narrative.

Reframing risk

This move will help fund houses meet sudden redemption pressures during uncertain events.

SEBI to mandate minimum holding in liquid assets for debt schemes

The cycles across asset classes have changed. So one must understand the risks more clearly.

Which debt funds to invest in now

Main causal channels whereby COVID-19 could have a long-run impact on economic outcomes.

3 major impacts of COVID-19

Fund Category Returns

As on 2020-09-28

Adviser Insights

AUM based fee model works for retail clients as they don't have to pay separately.

'AUM based fee model is seamless'

There are higher costs related to net worth, rigid fee model and qualification requirements, among others.

SEBI's new RIA norm could increase cost of advice

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