Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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Yield confuses many, and often they take it to mean "interest rate". So let's get this sorted.

How bond prices and interest rates move in opposite direction

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As on 2023-03-24

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* Closing rates.
- 0.0121 0.0099 0.0113 1.5966 0.0111
82.3713 - 0.8148 0.9275 131.5150 0.9165
101.0938 1.2273 - 1.1383 161.4077 1.1249
88.8090 1.0782 0.8785 - 141.7936 0.9882
0.6263 0.0076 0.0062 0.0071 - 0.0070
89.8710 1.0910 0.8890 1.0120 143.4892 -

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