Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Here are the best fund managers from Large, Mid Cap/Small Cap and Multi Cap categories.

India's best equity fund managers 2021

The issue opens for subscription on September 21 and closes on September 23, 2021.

Paras Defence & Space Technologies Ltd IPO

Here's what it is and how it impacts the portfolio.

The one risk we tend to ignore: Sequence of Returns

Advancements in technology have changed the way we think about investing, and consequently affect the way we invest.

Has Technology made you a short-term investor?

Does systematic investing only make sense when it comes to an equity fund, or can it be extended to a debt fund too?

Should you do an SIP into a debt fund?

A basic explanation on what an economic moat is, and how it guides the investing process.

What is a Moat, and how does it help an investor?

Everyone talks of Exchange Traded Funds. Here's to throwing light on how it is created.

How is an ETF created?

The stories we buy into, affect everything. Our attitude towards debt, credit cards, spending and saving.

Your money story could be destroying you

A look at the recent fund launches at whether you should consider them.

Rush of new fund offers

An overview of two funds from the Large & Midcap category.

Why this Large and Midcap Fund got a Gold Rating

ESG is not about being activists for the sake of activism. It is not about blind exclusion.

4 ESG insights from Navneet Munot

Fund Category Returns

As on 2021-09-21

Adviser Insights

Niranjan Sridhar, Investment Adviser, Ithought Financial consulting LLP, shares how his firm identifies the right opportunities for clients.

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