Sunday, June 26, 2022

All choices have consequences for our contact with the rest of the natural world because we are consumers of food, resources and energy.

A Reality Check: Green Energy, Alcohol, Vegetarianism

This legendary investor believes that it is the best guide to knowing what a manager is really like over a long period.

Is past performance the best guide to future success?

Sequence-of-returns risk is one of the more underappreciated dangers of investing.

Ask Morningstar: What is Sequence Risk?

Assets under management in this category have increased from Rs 3,550 crore in May 2020 to Rs 20,411 crore as of May 2022.

Fund houses start accepting fresh inflows in overseas funds

Valuation driven investing is rewarding because it provides a reliable path to help meet long term investment goals.

7 tips for valuation driven investing

A diversified portfolio will help you protect the downside in a volatile market.

How to build a diversified mutual fund portfolio

Risk cannot be properly measured in a spreadsheet and is deeply personal.

What is Risk?

The pioneer in behavioral economics notes that there doesn't seem to be any evidence that we do learn from past cycles.

Richard Thaler on the current market

Funds from the same AMCs have a similar thought process, fund management styles and investment philosophy.

Ask Morningstar: Diversification also applies to fund managers and AMCs

We all look for moats, but need to keep an eye out for crumbling castles. A moat without a castle defeats the entire purpose.

Don't just look at moats, keep an eye on crumbling castles too

For taxation, multi-asset funds may be treated as 'equity-oriented' or 'other than equity-oriented' depending on the asset allocation.

Ask Morningstar: How are multi-asset funds taxed?

These funds had the least drawdown. Here's how to interpret it.

Hybrid Funds which protected the most downside

Don't gravitate toward investment alchemy. There is no magic or get rich formula.

5 mundane keys to financial success

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