Saturday, May 8, 2021

Such funds cannot be a core part of the portfolio.

Funds with Gold and Silver rating have outperformed their category average.

They invest in different categories of mutual funds.

These funds maintain Macaulay duration between 1 to 3 years.

These funds come with target maturity.

Such funds are being positioned by asset managers as apt for taking tactical calls.

These funds invest a minimum of 80% in 100 largest firms in terms of market capitalisation.

Will the party continue in 2021? Unlikely, say fund managers.

Over a 1-year period, mid cap funds have outperformed large cap, ELSS, and multi cap funds.

Funds should be looked at with quantitative as well as qualitative lens.

Corrections are a good opportunity to increase allocation to equities.

Best Performing Funds

As on 2021-05-09

Industry AUM Movement

Quarterly Average AUM (in Crores); Source: AMFI
252327.72 (9.43%)

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