Sunday, January 29, 2023

These funds are managed by Shreyas Devalkar and Jinesh Gopani.

This indicates a change in the fund that merits a fresh review.

The analysts delve deeply into 3 pillars: process, people and parent. A look at which pillars got downgraded.

Our analysts have assigned Gold and Silver ratings to these funds.

Investors are getting lured by the returns, without realising the risk involved.

MIrae Asset Tax Saver was one of the funds added to the list of funds analysed by our team.

These funds invest the bulk of their portfolio in large-cap stocks.

These ELSS funds have ratings from Gold to Neutral.

Credit risk funds invest in not-so-highly rated companies to get a higher return.

Our analysts share their views on mid and small cap funds.

Overnight funds, liquid funds or target date funds?

Sankaran Naren, Bharat Shah and Prashant Jain share their views.

Is systematic investing best done only with equity funds, or can it also be done with debt funds?

Ask Morningstar: So you want to buy a tech fund?

Ask Morningstar: Why has Axis Bluechip disappointed?

Ask Morningstar: Understanding Focused Funds

Ask Morningstar: Dealing with portfolio overlap

Ask Morningstar: Action points for thematic funds in a portfolio

Ask Morningstar: Why does a 1-star fund get a Bronze rating?

Ask Morningstar: Should I exit my ELSS after 3 years?

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