Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Stock prices distract investors from what really matters: the businesses underlying them.

While net income is used to measure profitability, FCF provides insights into a company's business model and financial health.

Short sellers act with conventional wisdom - they buy low and sell high, but they sell before they buy.

It is the bedrock of good risk management.

Trading is much more than Technical Analysis.

Bet when the odds are overwhelmingly in your favour.

Where to invest as India becomes a global manufacturing hub.

Exercise caution. The mortality rate is extremely high.

Unit Economics is what one must look out for.

Stop viewing Growth and Value in silos

The most important decision a CEO can make

5 tips on becoming a dispassionate investor

3 stock investing takeaways from a seasoned money manager

Prashant Jain: 4 things a stock investor must be aware of

Quick Take: A cheap stock can be an expensive mistake

Why does the stock market go up?

If you want to buy stocks, read this!

Stock Analysis: 4 questions to ask about a company's competitive position

6 things to know about stock market crashes

Why we mess up when it comes to our equity investments

India has a very heterogenous set of investable opportunities

Stock Analysis: How does Discounted Cash Flow work?

When are dividends bad?

What to be aware of when valuing younger companies

The price you pay matters

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