Saturday, February 16, 2019

Amol Joshi talks about the benefits of goal based advisory for investors and advisers.

'Most investors find it difficult to prioritize goals'

Systematic investment plans registered through e-sign based e-mandates will be valid till February 15, 2019.

R&Ts rush to convert SIP e-mandates into physical ones

The SIP folio base went up from 2.54 crore in December 2018 to 2.57 crore in January 2019.

Industry adds 3 lakh SIPs in January 2019

Equity funds received net inflows of Rs 4,914 crore in January 2019 as compared to Rs 5,765 crore in December 2018.

Equity inflows dip further in January 2019

Erik Johnson talks about the importance of behavioral coaching for investors.

'We can't remove emotions from investing'

Mumbai-based adviser Khyati Mashru is holding an event to dispel myths about mutual funds and resolve investors queries.

Resolve your mutual fund queries here

There are two trends that have emerged that should, I believe, cause any adviser to sit up and take notice.

How connection will fuel your growth in future

Content can be a powerful marketing tool. It can differentiate you, display your expertise, and make you easier to find.

Why custom content is so important to your marketing

Sheryl Rowling, Principal, Rowling & Associates, shares her success mantra.

The 5 biggest lessons I have learned as an adviser

Once advisers understand the various investor types at play, they can adjust their advisory approach for each type.

How to advise preservers

How the psychology of money can impact your clients in a divorce.

Divorce financial planning: What advisers should know

Read the journey of Achin Jain and Nitin Avasthi who have built the fastest growing advisory practice in Dehradun.

In 4 years, Dehradun duo build Rs 500 crore assets

Distributors are hesitant to adopt RIA model due to client's unwillingness to pay fee and regulatory uncertainty.

What stops distributors from becoming RIAs?

Leslie Marshall, Head of Experiential Marketing at Morningstar, shares social media tips for advisers.

How to master social media

Suresh Sadagopan of Ladder 7 Financial Advisories talks about his journey in advisory.

Both distribution and RIA model will thrive in India

Samir Vora of Ocean Finvest aims to have 100 branch offices by 2022.

This 35-year-old IFA manages Rs 1,000 crore AUA

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