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By Morningstar |  30-07-19 | 

“We are because of nature, nature isn’t because of us. We currently live with a false sense of superiority over it, as we desecrate ecosystems with merciless urbanization and crooked production practices. But over the din of destruction, one tenet alone shall ring true – A war against nature is futile,” these words of Bittu Sahgal, founder of Santcuary Asia are starting to resonate with us now.

Born in Shimla, Bittu worked at a Chartered Accountancy firm during his college days and soon gave up his job to pursue his passion. During one of his visits to Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in 1980, he asked the field director Fateh Singh Rathore what he could do to save tigers. Rathore suggested that he start a news magazine focused on wildlife and this led to the birth of Asia Sanctuary in 1981. Over the years, Asia Sanctuary has become a leading voice for wildlife conservation and environment protection.

A wildlife crusader, Bittu has served on several statutory boards like Wildlife Board of India, the Animal Welfare Board, and the Ministry of Environment's Environmental Expert Committees. In 2000, Sahgal started the Sanctuary Wildlife Awards to honor men and women working on groundbreaking projects in the conservation sector and excelling wildlife photographers. A study by the World Wildlife Fund states that animal populations have declined by 60 percent since 1970, driven by human actions. Bittu has been at the forefront of the battle to protect India from the dangerous consequences of climate change. In his words, “The only thing that separates us from any other planet in our solar system is that thin layer of atmosphere that we take for granted. Now, we are tampering with it, and if that goes, we go.”

At the forthcoming Morningstar Investment Conference, Sahgal will talk about why advisers should sensitize their clients about the importance of sustainable investing. So join us to engage in stimulating discussions with the most authoritative voice on wildlife conservation and climate change.

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