This IFA clocked 93 SIPs in a single day during lockdown

By Morningstar |  27-05-20 | 

Delhi-based adviser D. S. Aggarwal, founder of Taxpoint Wealth Creation narrates how he clocked 93 SIPs in a single day during the lockdown by conducting a webinar. 

We love hitting new milestones!! We logged in 93 systematic investment plan, or SIPs, in a single day during the lockdown.

In the past, we had clocked 1,273 SIPs on a single day on November 14, 2018. The number rose to 1,533 SIPs on October 9, 2019.  We used the BSE StAR MF platform to achieve these ambitious targets.

Encouraged by this success, we were planning to achieve a similar feat in 2020. Our yearly event was scheduled for March 14, 2020 and all invitations were floated well in time. Everything was going so well as per the plan. But Coronavirus entered India and in days, weeks, months…everybody was inside and locked in their houses.

Everybody was feeling so low and stressed as it was uncertainty all around. No morning walks, no yoga in the open, no office, no targets, no milestones. Everybody was checking on their contingency funds, insurances and term plans.

The game plan

To bring back excitement on the faces of kids, to involve parents, to see the grandparents laughing and spending time with their grandchildren, we launched an online campaign to support #IndiaFightsCorona (Initiated by our PM, Sh. Narendra Modi) wherein we invited video entries from all kids in the age group (0-14 years) to spread awareness about Covid-19 and positivism to deal this tough time. We got an overwhelming response for this imitative.

We kept uploading one video on a daily basis right from Lockdown 1.0 to Lockdown 3.0 (Starting March 25, 2020 till May 17, 2020).

Further, considering the anxiety due to sharp fall in stock markets, and a setback to businesses all around, we organized a webinar on “Opportunities in challenges” on April 14, 2020 for our clients and friends wherein we collaborated with a fund house. The webinar was a great success.

The follow-up

Post webinar, we talked to our clients/prospects and made them understand that this is the appropriate time if they want to invest lumpsum or start SIP as they will get units at discounted rates and can earn good returns in a time horizon of three to five years or in the long run.

Stock exchange platform

Meanwhile, National Stock Exchange (NSE) approached us to use their platform and we decided to make a mark in this lockdown. We registered 93 SIP in a single day on May 26, 2020 using the NSE MF II platform.

We are proud that we could make our clients and friends understand and hit this number in the lockdown period. We look forward to doing bigger SIP drives in the future with the support of stock exchange platforms, our team and clients.

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