HDFC MF: Change in fund managers

By Morningstar |  31-08-20 | 

HDFC Mutual Fund has announced change in fund managers under the following schemes from August 24, 2020.

Change in fund management responsibilities:

HDFC Arbitrage Fund, HDFC Equity Savings Fund (Arbitrage Assets), HDFC Index Fund – NIFTY 50 Plan, HDFC Index Fund – SENSEX Plan, HDFC NIFTY 50 ETF, HDFC SENSEX ETF, HDFC Banking ETF& HDFC Multi-Asset Fund (Arbitrage Assets):

  • Existing Fund Manager: Krishnan Kumar Daga
  • Revised Fund Managers: Krishnan Kumar Daga & Arun Agarwal

HDFC TaxSaver:

  • Existing Fund Manager: Vinay Kulkarni
  • Revised Fund Manager: Amit Ganatra

HDFC Equity Savings Fund (Equity Assets), HDFC Focused 30 Fund & HDFC Growth Opportunities Fund:

  • Existing Fund Managers: Gopal Agrawal & Vinay Kulkarni
  • Fund Manager: Gopal Agrawal

Chirag Dagli is the dedicated fund manager for overseas investments.

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