Anoop Bhaskar on investing in mid caps

By Morningstar |  23-12-15

How do you see really the government delivering on some of the reform agendas?

We are in a world which is devoid of growth. So our own growth expectations have to be slightly more muted than what they were two years ago. We have to be more modest in our expectations.

This is the most flaccid 7% growth that I have ever seen in my life. I hope when we are at 7.5%, it will be better than this. Because the last time when we were at 7%, we were getting job offers and salary hikes and everything else. Now, we are not seeing anything near to that.

So, it is really important to actually get some kind of economic activity back in place. So whether it is mining or roads - those things have to come back enough really fast.

We should stop focusing on the government too much. We should realise that corporate India’s balance sheet is fairly sticky. And banks should be forcing them to do more reorganization and restructuring. If we see more of that, then you could be more positive that there will be faster rejuvenation of growth. Depending on the government for this would be just one side of the equation. If you look at corporates, they need to do far more than what they have done in the last two years to be able to participate and to take growth up.

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