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Is a lengthy term-life insurance policy worth it?

Term life insurance is affordable and straightforward. It guarantees payment of a predetermined amount should the policy holder pass away during the specified time period.


‘We crossed Rs 1 crore SIP book within 27 months’

In less than three years, Santosh Joseph and his team have built assets under management of Rs 100 crore in mutual funds. Majority of his clients are first-time mutual fund investors.


How an LIC agent turned into a fee-only adviser

Swapnil Kendhe detested approaching people for business. When he realized traditional policies were not investor friendly, he took up mutual fund distribution and eventually migrated to fee-only advisory.


The 5 best terms plans

Basavaraj Tonagatti, a Certified Financial Planner, narrowed down on the best after analyzing few key criteria which he mentions.


What is yield?

The term yield is used to describe the return on your investment as a percentage of your original investment.


There will be no post-election rally

Basant Maheshwari believes that the bull market ended in January 2018, and the post-election rally will happen pre-election.


The best equity fund managers of 2018

ET Wealth teamed up with Morningstar India to rank the country’s best equity fund managers, across categories, based on their 5-year risk-adjusted returns.


Category Winners of the Morningstar Fund Awards 2019

The Morningstar Awards are designed to help investors around the world identify the year's most exceptional funds.


Women in fund management who are making a mark

Just 8% of India's asset managers are women. And most of them manage debt funds. Here are some who stand out.


Why HDFC Balanced Advantage gets a Silver

This fund is an amalgamation of HDFC Growth and HDFC Prudence and is managed by Prashant Jain.

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