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By Ravi Samalad |  14-10-19 | 
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Financial advisers spend considerable time and resources building their websites. But it is of little use if the website is not attracting enough traffic from prospects. You need to have a strategy in place for marketing your website.

Many advisers are building mechanism to allow investors to transact through their websites. Allowing investors to transact digitally saves time for advisers. As investors get comfortable transacting online, it helps build volume for advisers. Besides transaction facilitation, a website can help advisers put up a lot of information like portfolio access, ability to download account statements, chat with your customer service executives and so on, thereby automating repetitive tasks. Thus, your clients and prospects need to be familiar with your website.

Here are six ways you can drive traffic to your website:

1. Social Media: Before embarking on a plan, it is pertinent to find out where your audience is. Are they using Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube or Facebook? For instance, assuming your ideal clients are mid-to-senior level corporate executives, you will most likely find them on LinkedIn. This will help you customize your content strategy tailored for the platform.

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have groups with different interests. You can consider joining them to engage in discussions there and share your link. Quora is also a good platform to answer queries related to investments which will help you reach out a wider audience. Given your subject expertise, answering user queries will help you become an influencer in these groups.

2. Blog: Blogging is a good way to engage and retain the attention of your prospects. Once you have published a new post, share the link along with a catchy title/description of the article on a platform where you audience is present. It could be Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Make sure your put # hashtags in your posts. They are like keywords which help you reach the audience which is discussing that particular topic.

3. Online Directories: Many of us look for a lot of professionals who operate from our vicinity.  Listing your services online with your website URL can be one way to drive traffic to website. IndiaMART and Just Dial are a few options.

4. Media Articles: People who are looking to invest/save/create wealth constantly look for information on topics related to investments. Most of their information comes from news portals. Publishing your articles with a backlink in mainstream media houses is a good way to attract users to your site. The articles need to be timely, concise, written in a jargon-free language which would help investors have clarity on the subject.

5. Email Marketing: Sharing your perspective on news updates and communicating important updates related to their investments through emailers is a convenient way to engage with clients. You already have the database of all your clients. All you have to do is put it in an excel file and send them email blasts through any of the mass mailing service providers which suit you. Make sure you don’t bombard them with frequent mailers or push products. Chances are that you may put them off and risk being unsubscribed. Sometimes, your emails may reach the spam box even if your content is meaningful for them. Do some research on how to avoid spam filters. Keep your subject line catchy, limit your content and use bullet points if necessary, so that your emails are actually read by your clients.

6. Messaging Apps: Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram have transformed the way we communicate. They allow us to text, share images, videos, voice messages and video chat. One of the features which is being increasingly used by businesses is broadcast. Broadcast is not a group, where each user can view all others in the group. It is simply a way to send mass messages to your contacts like a personal message. You can generate a broadcast list of your clients/prospects by sharing articles, your key takeaways on a news item, or blog link. At the end of the message, you can back link your website URL. You can also promote specific landing pages of your website where you wish to drive traffic. You can also share the site url through WhatsApp status.

One of the key ways to attract people to your site is by using keywords on your site which people are searching for on Google. Also, make sure your website opens as fast as possible. Sites which take time to open will drive people away.

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