ArthMitra Gurukulam to hold its maiden event for IFAs

By Ravi Samalad |  10-12-19 | 
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ArthMitra Gurukulam, a study and networking group for Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), is hosting its maiden two-day event in Ahmedabad on January 13.

The event promises to be filled with fun and learning. The first day of the event will have nine workshops from speakers including Hitesh Mali, Jigar Parekh, Dharmendra Satapathy, Anoop Nasa, Srikanth Matrubai, Deepak Khemani, Kiran Nandavadekar, Neil Parikh, CEO, PPFAS MF.

Anoop Nasa will talk about how advisers can leverage technology to scale up their business. Srikanth Matrubai will share how IFAs can benefit by thinking out of the box. Neil Parikh will stress on the importance of diversifying outside India. Jimeet Modi, founder and chief executive officer of Samco Securities, will talk about how IFAs can overcome the threat of direct plans. Dharmendra Satapathy will reveal the habits of successful IFAs.

“We will take IFAs to watch a movie at Asia’s largest open theater called Sunset Drive-in Cinema. On the second day, we will have kite flying sessions as part of the Uttarayan festival. The event will help IFAs walk away with practical insights from industry trainers and their peers. It will be a good platform to network. We will also announce a new initiative for the welfare of IFAs,” said Milind Shah, founder of ArthMitra Gurukulam.

The organising members of the event are Anoop Nasa, Deepak Khemani, Milind Shah and Srikanth Matrubai. Access more information about the event here.

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