Fireside chat with Nadir Godrej

By Morningstar |  20-10-21 | 

Organizations need to develop a better understanding of the complex systems they are part of. The deterioration of the environment has to be viewed in conjunction with the matrix of economic development, social equality and justice. It is for this reason, that the relationship between business leadership and sustainable development is crucial.

Nadir Godrej is an agent of change.

Last year he entertained an online audience at Climate Week NYC with a poetic appeal to tax carbon and recognize that coal is cheap, but the environmental cost is steep. With a sharp eye on carbon neutrality and green energy, he voraciously derives inspiration from science and is keen on driving rigorous and serious innovation. His focus on incorporating sustainable practices as an integral part of the business and value chain, results in high-quality, affordable goods and benefits all stakeholders.

Listen to Godrej discuss the need for solutions and inclusiveness, and why corporate leaders must recognize that companies cannot thrive in societies with severe ecological imbalances.

Nadir Godrej is Chairman and Managing Director of Godrej Industries.

Morningstar’s CEO Kunal Kapoor will engage with Godrej at the Morningstar Investment Conference.

When? October 28-29, 2021

Where? It is digital, so you can participate from wherever you are

Cost? None, registration is complimentary for all

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