DSP Flexi Cap completes 25 years

By Morningstar |  02-05-22 | 

DSP Investment Managers announced the 25-year completion of the DSP Flexi Cap Fund. Launched on April 29, 1997, DSP Flexi Cap Fund has been through many market cycles and has delivered returns of 19.1% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)  since inception as of March 31, 2022.

The DSP Flexi Cap Fund takes a structured approach to investing by focusing on business longevity, prudent management, and growth sustainability (BMG Framework). The BMG Framework followed by the fund includes businesses that are less capital intensive, having a high cash conversion, market share dominance, judicious capital allocation, and superior margins reflecting in higher ROE and growth rates of profits.

“DSP Flexi Cap Fund was our first fund to have a disciplined investment framework and has proven itself over many market cycles. Its flexible style of choosing good businesses irrespective of market caps makes it a good choice for every investor. This impressive long-term growth has, however, been seen by only 36 investors, who invested at inception and remain invested today. We are thankful to the lakhs of investors who have invested in the fund over the last 25 years and over 20,000 distributors who have recommended the DSP Flexi Cap Fund over the same period. We take this opportunity to thank our customers, partners, and employees for their support as we embark on a new and exciting journey,” says Kalpen Parekh, MD & CEO, DSP Investment Managers.

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