Equity funds receive inflows worth Rs 15,890 crore in April 2022

By Ravi Samalad |  10-05-22 | 

Despite the volatility, investors continued to pour money into equity funds. Equity funds received net inflows worth Rs 15,890 crore in April 2022. The inflows were spread across categories.

Arbitrage funds, which benefit from volatility in markets, received inflows worth Rs 4,092 crore in April 2022.

“After witnessing a sharp run-up in the markets over the last few years, the recent correction provided investors a good buying opportunity, which they have been capitalising upon. The month of April also witnessed heightened volatility in the markets. Expectedly, equity-oriented categories witnessed net inflows in April too as investors tried to make the most out of the recent corrections.

During the month, the category received a net inflow of Rs 15,890 crore. Though it was lower than the net inflow of Rs 28,464 crore in March, it’s a significant amount nonetheless in absolute terms. The lower quantum of net inflow from the previous month could be attributed to investors going slightly cautious with their investments given the ongoing challenges to the investment environment. This is evident from a comparatively lower quantum of funds mobilised in April compared with March,” said Himanshu Srivastava, Associate Director, Manager Research, Morningstar Investment Adviser India.

Here's a glance at the inflows/outflows from different categories of funds.

Equity Funds

  • Sectoral/Thematic: Rs 3,844 crore
  • Large & Mid Cap: Rs 2,050 crore
  • Small Cap: Rs 1,717 crore
  • Flexi Cap: Rs 1,709 crore
  • Mid Cap: Rs 1,550 crore
  • Multi Cap: Rs 1,340 crore
  • Focused: Rs 1,278 crore
  • Large Cap: Rs 1,259 crore
  • Value Fund/Contra: Rs 744 crore
  • ELSS: Rs 307
  • Dividend Yield: Rs 94 crore


  • Arbitrage: Rs 4,093 crore
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation/Balanced Advantage: Rs 1,543 crore
  • Balanced Hybrid Fund/Aggressive Hybrid: Rs 701 crore
  • Equity Savings: Rs 392 crore
  • Conservative Hybrid: Rs 301 crore
  • Multi Asset Allocation: Rs 210 crore


  • Other ETFs: Rs 8,663 crore
  • Index Funds: Rs 6,062 crore
  • Gold ETF: Rs 1,100 crore
  • Fund of funds investing overseas: Rs 63 crore

Debt Funds

  • Liquid: Rs 28,731
  • Money Market: Rs 16,194
  • Ultra Short Duration: Rs 15,089
  • Overnight: Rs 4,128
  • Floater: Rs 1,518
  • Low Duration: Rs 1,492 crore
  • Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration: Rs 38 crore
  • Long Duration: Rs 27 crore
  • Gilt: (Rs -106 crore)
  • Dynamic Bond: (Rs -197 crore)
  • Credit Risk: (Rs -283 crore)
  • Medium to Long Duration: (Rs -410 crore)
  • Medium Duration: (Rs -1,364 crore)
  • Corporate Bond: (Rs -2,553 crore)
  • Banking and PSU: (Rs -3,096 crore)
  • Short Duration: (Rs -4,452 crore)

Systematic investment plans

  • New SIPs registered during April 2022 stood at 21.83 lakh while SIPs matured/discontinued during April 2022 stood at 10.53 lakh.
  • SIP AUM at the end of April 2022 stood at Rs 5.78 lakh crore as against Rs 5.76 lakh crore as of March 2022.
  • Monthly SIP contribution at Rs 11,863 crore as of April 2022 compared to Rs 12,327 crore as of March 2022.
  • The number of SIP accounts stood at an all-time high in April 2022 at 5.39 crore crossing the March 2022 high of 5.27 crore. In April 2022, 11.29 lakh SIP accounts were added. 

The average assets under management of the industry stood at Rs 38.88 lakh crore in April 2022.

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