How Vasant Kulkarni simplifies his financial reporting

Apr 11, 2023

Morningstar Adviser Workstation will simplify your financial research and reporting with business intelligence.

Vasant Kulkarni has been using AWS for 5 years. He tells us how it helps him convert new clients as well as increase wallet share from existing ones.

Who is Vasant Kulkarni?

After spending nearly two decades in wealth management and distribution, Vasant Kulkarni became a Mutual Fund Distributor in 2014. His assets under advisory add up to approximately Rs 68 crore in mutual funds. Along with a team of 12 individuals, he manages over 1,000 investors. Vasant Kulkarni is based in Mumbai and is the founder of Vasant M Kulkarni consultant LLP.

Where can you find him?





His experience with AWS.

Vasant uses the Investment Proposal feature in AWS extensively for existing and new clients. It helps speed up the onboarding process and build sound portfolios.

When he meets a prospect, he uploads their existing portfolio into AWS. This instantly helps him identify stock overlap, funds with similar styles, underperformers, and other important factors. With all this information thrown up, it makes pruning and rebalancing so much easier.

At one time, a client based in Hong Kong wanted to invest Rs 10 lakh in a particular fund. Vasant was able to produce an investment report of the entire portfolio in just 5 minutes. All he had to do was upload the client’s existing portfolio on AWS. The client approved it on WhatsApp and the investment was done via the BSE StAR MF platform.

This is not an isolated incident. Another time, a retired individual wanted a regular cash flow and capital appreciation. A recommendation generated by AWS enabled them to take a concentrated bet.

Two years ago, he informed us that one of the oldest funds in the industry had only ONE addition to the portfolio over a period of six months – the stock was Motherson Sumi. He said that such information, along with the What’s In – What’s Out tool is what gives him an edge. This deepens his understanding of a fund’s strategy and enables more fruitful conversations with fund managers.

Vasant also uses Portfolio Scatterplot through which he clearly comes to know which funds are underperforming the benchmark.

The Fund Manager Tool gives him a better understanding of a fund manager’s past history, number of funds managed, the assets under management, and the alpha generation track record.

The investment proposals generated by the system have tremendous visual appeal and a sophisticated presentation of facts and data. All in a way that can be comprehended by the investor.

Vasant smartly leverages data and technology so that he can efficiently utilize his time. AWS fits the bill, minimises error, helps him with research-based advice and generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

What AWS offers.

  • Create compelling reports that are possible only with financial data integration.
  • Add colour and clarity to client communications.
  • Walk through the process behind your recommendations so potential clients can see what’s possible and how you’ll help them reach their goals.
  • Report hypothetical illustrations.
  • Demonstrate how your recommendations would have affected a prospect’s wealth.
  • By connecting financial goal setting with data integration, build portfolios that help clients reach their goals.
  • Match your client’s goals with strategies that drive towards their financial objectives using investment models, lists, and strategies.
  • Run Monte Carlo projections to illustrate how different strategies might succeed.
  • Morningstar Goal Bridge helps clients identify meaningful goals and enables you to have goals-based conversation with clients.

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