Markets are overstuffed with liquidity; what lies ahead?

By Morningstar |  11-10-21 | 

In homogenous markets, where the dissemination of information is almost perfect, how does one amplify returns? By separating the noise from quality information. According to Rick Rieder, it is by understanding that being right is not the same as making money. By figuring out what people are not looking at today that they will be thinking about tomorrow.

There is much to learn from Rick Rieder of BlackRock. He is the Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income, Head of the Fundamental Fixed Income business, and Head of the Global Allocation Investment Team.

Last year, he emphasized that we live in unbelievably unprecedented times, reflected in a jumpy, volatile, and uncertain market. This year he was vocal about the system being overstuffed with liquidity.

Haywood Kelly, Morningstar's head of global research, will engage Rieder on what can be expected going ahead. Tune in to this engagement at the Morningstar Investment Conference.

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