Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A reader writes in on wanting to build a portfolio with Rs 7,000 per month.

A reader has 8 funds and wants to know if he is well diversified.

A reader wants to systematically invest in equity, while parking his reserves in debt funds.

Evaluate it based on various parameters.

It measures the dispersion of a fund's returns around its average return over a certain period of time.

It's in the news but very few can grasp it. A simple explanation.

A simple explanation of a complex product.

The financial-services industry spends a lot of time discussing financial products, but this is just a small part of the picture for investors. We want to look beyond the markets and focus on the tremendous potential for people to become investors and for current investors to meet and exceed their goals.

Morningstar has always served as an independent voice for investors and the individual investor has always been our true north.

The team at Morningstar will now endeavor to answer queries ONLY related to mutual funds and portfolio planning from our readers.

As Steve Wendel, Morningstar’s head of behavioural science, says, “Morningstar is a champion of investors”.

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